About Us
AKF were formed with our inaugural fly-in at Ashton Court, Bristol on October 8th One Sky One World day in 1989

AKF are based around the greater Bristol area and act as a friendly meeting point and information source for local kite flyers of all ages and abilities. We aim to promote the enjoyment of kite flying - including competition flying - and help those who wish to build their own kites


AKF attend many kite events around the UK


AKF have several club display kites that we fly at festivals. These can be seen on the "Gallery" section of the website and include:


  • John Wayne, a large pair of footballers legs, designed by Martin Lester 

  • A large Purple Martin Lester Spirit (Called Meths, short for Methylated Spirit)

  •  Two 15m long Peter Lynn Geckos, (one blue and one yellow), and Gertie, a 30m long Raspberry Pink Gecko

  • Archie, a specially commissioned Martin Lester Top Half wearing an AKF sweatshirt. He was made by AKF President Martin Lester, assisted by several other AKF Members

  • Roly, AKFs’ 60-foot Mega-Whale was sewn by AKF members and took over six months to make. He is 18m (58ft) long, holds 120m3 of air and used over 350m2 of ripstop. Four widths of fabric had to be sewn together to be able to cut out the pieces to sew back together again. Roly is based on Jim Rowland’s’ design in his book “Kites and Windsocks” and has been adapted accordingly to cope with the increase in size

  •  A 30m2 Playsail, based on plans by George Peters published in Kitelines. It consists of 30 panels on an animal theme. Each panel is 1 square metre in area. The panels were appliqued by Club members and the Playsail was then sewn together by Andrew Batchelor and Alan Woodier

  •  A 30m long Windbow. The windbow was also made by AKF, with the graphics being designed by Lucy Batchelor. Although Peter Dolphin is generally credited with inventing the windbow, AKF’s windbow is based on the George Peters design that appeared in Kitelines magazine


We also have three 2m team Rokakku Japanese fighting kites, and will be entering Rokkaku battles at national and international kite festivals again this year! 

Three long-tailed delta kites in AKF colours of red, green and yellow.