Kite Magazines


Kiteflier - This is the quarterly newsletter of the Kite Society and is the magazine to read if you wish to keep up with all that is happening in UK and Europe.

Contains news, reviews, plans, correspondence. Available as part of the Membership package and at some kite festivals or by post direct from the Kite Society. (See other organisations)

Kitesurf Magazine

Glossy monthly mag devoted to kitesurfing- sometimes carries articles on land power kiting and very occasionally on festivals.

Kiteworld Magazine

Another magazine primarily aimed at kitesurfing. Rarely features any other type of kite flying.


Kite Life Internet Magazine - The US Internet Kite Magazine.
Since April '98, Kitelife has been a leading source of information on the Internet for those interested in the sport of kiting.

Kitelife Magazine, a bimonthly Internet publication featuring an array of articles, plans, event coverage, commentary, and photos. Website:


Recommended Reading


The Penguin Book of Kites by David Pelham. Considered to be the "Kite fliers Bible" Although not updated since it was first published, remains essential reading and is a frequently used reference.  It gives a detailed history of kites followed by outline plans of nearly all kite types. (Out of print) Available on the internet. Try


Kiteworks by Maxwell Eden - Sterling.  An American book, full of good design and construction information alongside the authors "off the wall" anecdotes. (out of print…see above)


Kites 2  by Ron Moulton & Pat Lloyd - Argus Books. A 1997 update of Kites, an informative book on making and flying kites, including sport kites, and useful tips and information on just about everything associated with kites. (out of print… see above!)


Stunt Kites to Make and Fly, Vols. 1 & 2 by Servaas Van der Horst & Nop Velthuizen-Thoft

Translated from Dutch, these books contain very good detailed and successful designs for sport kites, from basic diamonds to deltas, Speedfoils, soft power kites and even designs to construct a buggy. Still available but may need ordering through your local kite shop.


Other Organisations


British Kite Sports Association This is a new all-encompassing organisation which covers power kites on land and on the water. The BKSA is the result of a merger between the British Kite Surf Association and the British Buggy Club (BBC) The aims of the organisation is to promote power kite activities through training of instructors, provision of affiliated schools, competition and act as a central body representing power kite flying. The BKSA also offer insurance to its members.


The Parakart Association was formed in 1993 by a group of kite and buggy enthusiasts to provide sites and third party liability insurance by affiliation to the British Federation of Land and Sand Yacht Clubs. This has given access to some of the best Land Yacht sites. The PKA is a nationwide club, encouraging its members to take part in social Parakarting and racing throughout the year and promoting the sport.

They offer tuition by accredited trainers, have-a-go days and social meetings at many venues around the UK, a National Race Series providing entry qualification for the European Championships each year.



The Kite Society of Great Britain is the longest standing organisation for kite flying in the UK and currently has over 3500 members.

The society publishes a quarterly magazine "The Kiteflier" containing news of kite festivals, events, kite groups and clubs all over the country, as well as details of kite retailers and new products.

The annual fee is currently £12 per individual or £13 for a family, and further benefits include free or reduced parking at some of the kite festivals, and discounts from many kite retailers.

For more information contact The Kite Society, PO Box 2274, Great Horkesley, COLCHESTER, Essex, CO6 4AY. Tel.: 01206 271489. Website



Sport, Team and Competitive Kiting (STACK)

Avon Kite Flyers are an affiliate member of STACK.

STACK is an international body which co-ordinates rules, governance and regulation of sport kite competition. STACK UK organises all major sport kite competitions in Britain, including the British National Championships, the winners of which go forward to compete at European and World level events.